Custom Laminating

Modern Glass has a complete custom laminating facility equipped to service a range of laminated glass requirements. By combining a range of annealed glasses, toughened glasses and interlayers, Modern Glass can produce laminated glasses customised to meet any number of design criteria.

Available glasses (toughened and annealed):

  • Low-E coated glasses – for energy efficiency
  • Tinted glasses – for energy efficiency and appeal
  • Patterned glasses – for privacy and appeal
  • Mirrored glasses – for appeal

Available interlayers:

  • PVB interlayer – for Grade A Safety applications
  • Sound Control interlayer – for Grade A Safety applications and noise reduction
  • Ultra ForzaTM interlayer – for specialised structural applications

Modern Glass has complete control of the manufacturing of our custom laminated products from the cutting of glass components through to bonding in the autoclave. This allows us to produce custom laminated glass to the highest quality and with short lead times.

For advice on how our custom laminates can meet your requirements please contact our friendly staff.

Features list:

  • Combine with tinted glasses and interlayers
  • Combine with Ultra Forza and Sound Control interlayers
  • Grade A Safety Glass (toughened or laminated)

Specifications list:

  • Thickness (laminated): 5.38mm +
  • Maximum size: 2440 x 5100