Selective Low-E Insulated Glazing Units

Modern Glass’ Selective Low-E range offers increased energy efficiency with a range of colour options. The coatings used for Selective Low-E products are durable clear pyrolytic hard-coats combined with body tinted float glass to offer a range of colours and performance levels.

Customised to Your Requirements

Selective Low-E IGUs are supplied as annealed or toughened/laminated Grade A Safety Glass and can be combined with Sound Control interlayer and even Ultra Forza™ interlayer to meet your design requirements. Selective Low-E allows you to meet a range of design requirements with matching visual characteristics.

IGU panels can be matched to laminated glasses to allow you to use the most cost effective glass in each opening without affecting the outlook of the building. This makes our Selective Low-E range very popular in multi-storey apartment developments and high quality homes.

Alternatively, Modern Glass carries a number of other low-E glasses suited to this purpose.

Selective Low-E DGUs

Selective Low-E DGUS

Features list:

Keep your building cool in summer and warm in winter.

Increase comfort and efficiency without sacrificing the view.

Combine with Sound Control interlayer, Ultra Forza™ interlayer or in an Insulated Glazing Unit for increased performance.

Range of colours can be matched between different laminate thicknesses and insulated glazing unit combinations.

Grade A Safety Glass (toughened or laminated).

Specifications list:

Maximum size: 2050 x 3210

Thickness (IGU): 20 – 36mm

Colours: clear, neutral, grey, dark grey, blue, green