Insulated Glazing Units

Insulated Glazing Units (commonly known as Double Glazing Units) combine two or more panels of glass with sealed airspaces between them. This insulating airspace reduces air-to-air temperature transfer and multiple panels of glass allow for energy saving Low-E coatings and colours to suit your architectural requirements.

Versatile Solutions

Modern Glass is able to advise customers on which products will best suit their needs, and can design custom Insulated Glazing units to meet more stringent requirements. Having multiple panes of glass in the unit allows you to combine the entire range of Modern Glass coated and tinted products to meet your specifications. The airspace can be filled with Argon gas to further increase insulating performance. Our Selective Low-E IGU range (link) is our line of ready-to-use IGUs combining Low-E coatings and tinted glass. Feel free to contact our sales staff to discuss the right product for you.

A Sound Investment

Different thicknesses of glass provide different acoustic dampening characteristics. By designing an IGU with asymmetrical glass thicknesses you can combat multiple sound frequencies. Combine this with our Sound Control interlayers and Modern Glass IGUs can greatly enhance the acoustic properties of your glazing system.

Built to Last

Modern Glass IGUs combine multiple glass panels with high quality aluminium black and mill finish spacer bars. A silicone secondary seal keeps the environment inside the unit pristine and ensures that our units remain structurally sound.

Features list:

  • Increase energy efficiency and comfort of your building
  • Add value to your home
  • Combine with coated Low-E glasses and tinted glasses and interlayers
  • Combine with Ultra Forza and Sound Control interlayers
  • Grade A Safety Glass (toughened or laminated)

Specifications list:

  • Spacer Thickness: 6 – 20mm
  • Spacer Finishes: Black Anodised or Mill Finish
  • Maximum panel size: Dependent on glass products selected