Low-E Glass

Low-E glasses (also known as smart glasses) have greater insulating properties and transmit less solar radiation than regular glasses. The combination of these properties can ensure your building is cool in summer and warm in winter.

They are available in a wide range of coatings and tints, and can be supplied as Grade A toughened and laminated safety products. Low-E glasses are hard-coated during manufacture, resulting in a durable product.

Modern Glass carries a range of low-E glasses including:

Custom Solutions

Modern Glass is able to advise customers on which products will best suit their needs, and can design custom laminated and Insulated Glazing units to meet more stringent requirements. Feel free to contact our sales staff to discuss the right product for you.

Low-E Terms

Modern Glass’ Low-E Product Range *(link to PDF download)* tables contain a comprehensive range of technical information. However, there are two values which best describe the energy properties of glass and allow for quick comparison between products.

U Value: indicates the rate of heat loss or gain through the glass due to the differences in temperature of the air inside and outside a building. In other words, this value indicates the insulating ability of the glass. A lower U Value means the product is a better insulator (cool in summer and warm in winter).

SHGC: or Solar Heat Gain Coefficient is the proportion of total solar heat radiation that passes through the glass to the inside of the building. A lower SHGC value indicates that the glass blocks more solar radiation (cooler in summer).

Look for the U Value and SHGC in the Modern Glass Low-E Product Range tables.

Cleaning instructions for coated low-E glasses can be found here (link to Cleaning and Maintenance brochure).


  • Increase energy efficiency and comfort of your building
  • Add value to your home
  • Combine with tinted glasses and interlayers
  • Combine with Ultra Forza and Sound Control interlayers
  • Grade A safety glass (toughened or laminated)


  • Thickness (monolithic): 4 – 6mm
  • Thickness (laminated): 6.38 – 17.52mm