Painted Spandrels

Modern Glass Painted Spandrels are commonly used in façade glazing to maintain a seamless look while covering ceiling voids and concrete slabs. Grade A Toughened Safety Glass ensures that the spandrel meets wind loading requirements and is highly resistant to thermal stress.

Colour Matching

Modern Glass is able to produce any colour from the vast Resene palette. We have matching formulas for a range of Dulux, Taubman’s, British Paints, Solver, Wattyl and other suppliers’ colours, as well as formulas to match Colourbond and popular powder coats. We also provide a custom matching service if you may have a physical sample to match with. We can supply spandrels painted on Ultra Clear glass which is especially useful for a truer representation of lighter colours.

See our standard spandrel range below.

A Safe Option

Spandrel panels can be toughened heat soaked or heat strengthened as required to meet Australian Standards to mitigate problems caused by the breakage characteristics of toughened glass which can be unacceptable for panels glazed above ground level.


  • Clear or Ultra Clear (low iron) Grade A Toughened Safety Glass
  • Custom matching for almost any colour
  • Heat soaking and vinyl backing available


  • Thickness: 6 – 12mm
  • Maximum size: 2800 x 6000