The Modern Glass SolaControl Low-E range offers increased energy efficiency with low reflectivity and high daylight transmission. The coating used for SolaControl products is a durable clear pyrolytic hard-coat and is the most common low-E coating supplied to the Australian market by a number of manufacturers.

Customised to Your Requirements

SolaControl is supplied annealed or as a toughened or laminated Grade A Safety Glass, and can be combined with tinted glasses and interlayers, Sound Control interlayer and even Ultra Forza™ interlayer to meet your design requirements. SolaControl works perfectly in a double glazed unit to give even greater insulating performance.

A Clear Choice

SolaControl clear glasses combine energy efficiency with the appearance of regular clear glass. It is possible to maintain visible light transmission of over 80% with 1% reflectivity while still reducing Solar Heat Gain by 10% over normal clear glass. SolaControl stands out as a fantastic insulator, able to cut the rate of heat transfer between the interior and exterior of a building by a third, making it perfect for capturing the winter sun to passively heat your home.

Where higher solar heat protection is required, SolaControl can be combined with tinted glasses and interlayers to reduce Solar Heat Gain.

Alternatively, Modern Glass carries a number of other low-E glasses suited to this purpose.


  • Keep your building cool in summer and warm in winter
  • Increase comfort and efficiency without sacrificing the view
  • Combine with tinted glasses and interlayers, Sound Control interlayer, Ultra Forza™ interlayer or in an Insulated Glazing Unit for increased performance
  • Grade A Safety Glass (toughened or laminated)


  • Maximum size: 3210 x 5100
  • Thickness (monolithic): 4 – 6mm
  • Thickness (laminated): 6.38 – 17.52mm
  • Colours: clear, grey, bronze, blue, green, white translucent