Ultra Forza™ Frameless Balustrading

Modern Glass Ultra Forza™ Frameless Balustrading allows for unobstructed views and seamless balustrade designs without the need for handrails and stanchions. When impacted the rigid Ultra Forza™ interlayer holds the broken glass safely upright and intact.

An Engineered Solution

The engineered toughened laminated glass complies with the load requirements of the BCA without the use of supporting uprights or load-bearing handrails, and can be fixed with stand-offs, stirrups or in a channel. For full BCA compliance the thickness, size and fitting details must be signed off by an engineer. Modern Glass are able to help you with all matters relating to compliance and engineering. Standard Ultra Forza™ Frameless Balustrade thicknesses range from 14.28mm – 22.28mm dependent on design.

A Flexible Option

Ultra Forza™ Frameless Balustrading can comprise of a range of Modern Glass tinted glass products and can be designed with handrails if required. Whether you want the clarity of Ultra Clear, the privacy of Modern Etch or anything in-between, there is an Ultra Forza™ product to suit your balustrading needs.

Features list:

  • Provides a safe barrier without compromising views
  • Remains intact and upright if glass breaks
  • Combine with tinted glasses to meet your architectural needs
  • Engineered safety product

Specifications list:

  • Thickness (laminated): 14.28 – 22.28mm
  • Maximum Size: 3600 x 2000
  • Colours: clear, ultra clear, grey, dark grey, blue, Modern Etch