Modern Glass’ Solacool low-E range offers increased energy efficiency with high reflectivity for architectural and privacy needs. The coating used for Solacool products is a durable pyrolytic hard-coating.

Customised to your requirements

Solacool is supplied annealed or as a toughened or laminated Grade A Safety Glass, and can be combined with tinted glasses and interlayers, Sound Control interlayer and even Ultra Forza™ interlayer to meet your design requirements. Solacool works perfectly in a double glazed unit to give even greater insulating performance.

Striking visual impact

Solacool glasses combine solar protection with a highly reflective appearance. Create visual appeal while reducing Solar Heat Gain by 40% over normal clear glass. Where higher solar heat protection or different architectural finishes are required, Solacool can be combined with tinted glasses and interlayers.

Alternatively, Modern Glass carries a number of other low-E glasses suited to this purpose.


  • Combat solar heat with the privacy and aesthetics of a reflective finish
  • Combine with tinted glasses and interlayers, Sound Control interlayer, Ultra Forza™ interlayer or in an Insulated Glazing Unit for increased performance
  • Grade A safety glass (toughened or laminated)


  • Maximum size: 2550 x 3210
  • Thickness (monolithic): 6mm
  • Thickness (laminated): 10.38 – 13.52mm
  • Colours: grey, bronze