Cyclonic Ultra Forza™ Laminates

Modern Glass’ Cyclonic Ultra Forza™ range provides protection in Australia’s cyclonic regions without the need for unsightly metal screening on your windows.

AS/NZS 1170.2:2011 Compliant

Cyclonic Ultra ForzaTM has been tested for compliance with AS/NZS 1170.2:2011 in Alspec Hunter Evo framing with test results available on request. We have also had Cyclonic Ultra Forza™ engineered for design wind loads meaning we can advise you on the lightest and most cost effective cyclonic glass for your application.

Rated debris impact speeds:

  • 12.08mm Cyclonic Ultra ForzaTM: 36m/s
  • 12.84mm Cyclonic Ultra ForzaTM: 39m/s
  • 14.08mm Cyclonic Ultra ForzaTM: 39m/s
  • 14.84mm Cyclonic Ultra ForzaTM: 39m/s+

Modern Glass staff are able to advise you on which Ultra Forza™ laminate best suits your application and help you to source the required engineering certification.

Custom Solutions

Modern Glass Cyclonic Ultra Forza™ can be combined with a range of our other tinted and coated glass products to meet your requirements. Choose Ultra Forza™ for attractive, efficient and effective cyclone protection.

Features list:

  • Protect your building without metal screening
  • Engineered for greater design wind loads
  • Combine with tinted glasses and interlayers to increase energy efficiency and comfort of your building
  • Grade A Safety Glass (laminated)

Specifications list:

  • Thickness (laminated): 12.08 – 16.84mm
  • Maximum Size: 2800 x 2000
  • Colours: clear, neutral, grey, blue, bronze, Modern Etch