Sound Control

Noise is a prevalent factor in most modern environments. Making the right glazing choice ensures that your building provides maximum comfort to those inside. Modern Glass’ range of Sound Control laminated products will meet your varying acoustic needs.

Why Sound Control?

Regular float glass is limited in its ability to insulate against sound, with only a modest increase in acoustic performance achieved when glass thicknesses are doubled. Modern Glass Sound Control laminated products combat the limitations of float glass though the addition on an interlayer. Furthermore, Sound Control products are also Grade A laminated safety glasses.

Combined Solutions

Acoustic performance may be enhanced by combining Sound Control laminated products with other glasses in insulated glazing units. Sound Control can also be combined with tinted and low E glasses to meet a range of design specifications. Modern Glass can advise you of the best solutions to meet your needs.

Product Thickness Rw Perceived Sound
Reduction (%)
Float Glass 6 31 25
10 34 40
Sound Control 6.76 35 45
8.76 37 52
10.76 38 55
Insulated Glazing Unit
– Sound Control
-16mm Air Space
– 8mm Float)
6.76 42 60
8.76 42 60
12.76 43 62

Rw is the weighted sound reduction of a material measured in decibels (dB). The greater the Rw the more effective a material is at attenuating sound. This value can be used against the values in the second table as a guide to choosing the right acoustic product.

Environment Bedroom/Classroom Living Room/Office Open Work Space
TV Programme 15 5
Normal Conversation 25 15
Office Noise 35 25 15
Road/Rail Traffic 45 35 25
Factory Noise/Air Traffic 65 55 45

This table indicates approximate reduction values required to reduce a certain source of noise to a level appropriate for a particular environment. These values should only be used as a guide and should not replace onsite noise profile testing and/or other specifications.


  • Specialised acoustic PVB product
  • Grade A Safety Glass
  • Combine with tinted or low-E glasses and tinted interlayers
  • Good acoustic alternative to simple double-glazing systems


  • Maximum size: 5100 x 2440
  • Thickness: 6.76 – 12.76mm
  • Colours: clear, grey, bronze, blue, green, white translucent