Luminosa UN Low-E Insulated Glazing Units

Luminosa UN is a soft coat low-E product especially suited to the growing need for high performance glazing in the residential market.

When combined with other glass types into an insulated glazing unit, Luminosa UN enables you to meet a wider range of energy efficiency targets.

A key benefit of Luminosa UN is that it provides high light transmission in clear configurations without sacrificing thermal comfort. When combined with tinted glass Luminosa UN can provide excellent solar control.


Keep your building cool in summer and warm in winter.

Increase comfort and efficiency without sacrificing the view.

Combine with tinted glass and acoustic laminates for increased performance.

Suitable for most double glazed residential window and door systems.

Grade A Safety Glass (toughened and laminated).


Maximum size: 2700 x 4000

Thickness (IGU): 18 – 32mm

Colours: clear, grey, dark grey, blue, green