Thermo Forza Insulated Glazing Units

Modern Glass now combines warm edge technology with the integrity and durability you have come to expect from our Insulated Glazing Units with the Thermo Forza range.

Increased Energy Efficiency

While double glazing increases the efficiency of your windows heat still transfers through the spacer bar separating the glass panels. This heat loss means more heating or cooling is needed to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. In cold weather the heat can also leave the edges of the glass inside your home much colder than the middle which encourages condensation. Modern Glass Thermo Forza spacer bars combine the strength and durability of stainless steel with the low conductivity of an ABP Polymer barrier. As a result, Thermo Forza is over 7 times less conductive than a traditional aluminium spacer.

Built to Last

Thermo Forza’s stainless steel outer casing ensures that structural rigidity and durability is maintained. A silicone secondary seal keeps the environment inside the unit pristine and ensures that our Thermo Forza units remain as structurally sound as traditional aluminium spaced insulated glazing units.

Versatile Solutions

Modern Glass is able to advise customers on which products will best suit their needs, and can design custom Thermo Forza Insulated Glazing units to meet more stringent requirements. Having multiple panes of glass in the unit allows you to combine the entire range of Modern Glass coated and tinted products to meet your specifications. The airspace can be filled with Argon gas to further increase insulating performance. Feel free to contact our sales staff to discuss the right product for you.

To enquire about our shower screens or to arrange a measure and quote just call our friendly sales staff on – (08) 9493 1600.

Features list:

  • Increased energy efficiency compared to standard double glazing
  • Add value to your home
  • Combine with coated Low-E glasses and tinted glasses and interlayers
  • Combine with Ultra Forza and Sound Control interlayers
  • Grade A Safety Glass (toughened or laminated)

Specifications list:

  • Spacer Thickness: 12mm
  • Spacer Finishes: Black
  • Maximum panel size: Dependent on glass products selected